I have a hypothesis. Actually, I’ve conducted an experiment which supports my hypothesis. It’s all highly scientific. Warning: Do not attempt this at home, you may pee your pants or fly off the treadmill. Or both.

The question: If I attempt to jog on the treadmill while watching any episode of The Big Bang Theory, will I black out?

The result: One will hyperventilate from lack of oxygen due to ensuing fits of laughter caused by any episode of The Big Bang Theory…especially Howard Wolowitz and his Skyped conversation about Space Camp Training.

The Big Bang Theory Hyperventilation Conundrum

But the best…and I mean the BEST way to work out on a treadmill with a convenient television in front of you is to watch Alaska State Troopers while listening to Depeche Mode’s 101 Live at Pasadena Rose Bowl (1988).

Hot. Damn.

Okay, if you are a straight dude, switch it up with Game of Thrones and Foo Fighters Greatest Hits.

Personally, all I can say is, watching big, muscular Troopers pull drunk drug dealers out of cars/woods/houses will send my pulse a racin’ every time. And the solid, rhythmic beats from DM flows through my earbuds like water cascading over a lush, tropical fall. Greatest way to make an hour fly by.

In conclusion, I shall quote a very, very smart man. “Send more underwear!” – Howard Wolowitz