Portrait of young  coupleOn Dublin Street, by Samantha Young http://www.samanthayoungbooks.com/

I’m giving On Dublin Street 5 stars (Goodreads) because I cried. Three times. I can’t believe a romance made me cry. Three times. I can put the blame on PMS but I really think it’s Samantha Young’s fault.

While I’ve never known suffering like Joss had, I felt her pain and loved her snark. I loved that she was always truthful with herself if not with anyone else. Young had me at the prologue and, while there were a few bumpy moments (more just technical stuff like occasional grammatical/punctuation errors that stood out), I couldn’t put the book down.

I loved the cat and mouse build-up and then the tension after Joss and Braden got together. That’s what makes this a 5 star romance in my mind. Tension, and the fact Braden was the perfect male. Sexy, sensitive, tough, patient, honest. Mr. Perfect is who we crave and Ms. Young delivered. Speaking of such, I think the sex scenes could have been a little more visceral and drawn out, but that’s probably just my smutty-side talking out her butt. **Go smutty-side!**

Anyway, this was recommended to me by one of my new Goodreads friends and this is book #2 that she’s recommended that I’ve really enjoyed. So, thank you Stevie.

From what I’ve learned, On Dublin Street is Ms. Young’s debut contemporary romance. I’ve not read any of her historical novels yet but…I’m thinking I’m gonna have to soon. Lucky for me (and for all of you), Ms. Young just released a new contemporary romance, Down London Road. http://www.samanthayoungbooks.com/ I shall read this after I purchase another box of tissues.