So…I apparently had some time on my hands today (not really but I needed to make time for you, my friends). In case you hadn’t noticed, I changed up my blog a little in preparation for my new novella series launch. Look for the first two novellas to be published this summer (The Market and Center of the Universe), and the third novella (5th & Pike) in fall.

In the mean time, here’s a short list of things that would send this spunky Irish girl into a jig (possibly in public, but more likely in the privacy of my living room):

5. George R.R. Martin completes the next Game of Thrones book before I hit menopause. (I’m really not that old…jus’ sayin’)

4. Psycho fans of the Sookie Stackhouse books: leave Charlaine Harris alone. NOW. Get over yourselves. It’s her story. It’s Sookie’s ending. And if you don’t like it, go sit on the Space Needle and spin. (P.S. I am buying Dead Ever After this weekend, can’t wait and I will respect Ms. Harris’ work). Click link to read WSJ interview:

Bendict3. Benedict Cumberbatch, Henry Cavill and Jeremy Renner really need to come to Seattle and work on my overgrown backyard. And I mean the grassy space behind my house, sickos. I’ll provide the iced tea and sun screen and watch from my balcony. I may give an order or two but I’m sure they can handle it.


2. Snow Patrol and Gaelic Storm need to do an album together. Or at least a song. I do believe they are in/near Santa Monica, CA as we speak? And then both bands need to come to Seattle and perform at The Moore Theatre (giving me front row center seats as a thank you for my brilliant idea) or, even better, come and perform in my newly landscaped backyard. It’s huge and we have a forest behind our fence = great acoustics. I’ll provide the Guinness of course.

1. Learning how to market my upcoming novella series – I’m doing serious research people. My story(ies) are fucking awesome – if I do say so myself. And the first one is currently with my editor who will help kick it into stellar perfection.

Here’s an unedited excerpt from The Market – A Teagan O’Leary Novella to whet your appetite (note, it was formally published under the title Winter Twilight as part of the Snowbound Hearts Anthology with Still Moments Publishing – they have reverted the rights back to me and I have changed the story a bit to make it more emotional and exciting.

The Market by Shannon O’Brien:

The overhead lights dimmed. On the stage, the bar manager tapped his finger on the mic. “Let’s give a round of applause to Seattle’s own Mofo Mojo!” The fervor in the room grew exponentially, and then, as the audience watched the band members take their places on the stage, it quieted.

James stepped to the center microphone, his guitar lose in his grip. The filtered spotlight bathed him like an ethereal angel. Behind James and to his left, Johnny plucked his bass guitar. Several beats later, Stan picked up the rhythm on his drums. James raised his head and chills danced up and down my spine when he began to sing, a slow song with mystic lyrics. His voice was deep and hypnotic. When he reached the chorus, the rhythm sped up, commanding, his hand a blur as he strummed his guitar. The chords of his neck strained and he scanned the room. He was reaching out to everyone. And we were reaching back.

The song ended with a long note hanging in the air. Two quiet beats passed, and then the crowd roared, screams and piercing whistles breaking through the applause.

A dozen songs later, each implausibly better than the one before, the band announced they were taking a break.

“So, what did you think?” James asked when he returned to the table.

Glancing around, it was impossible not to notice the patrons staring at us. James was on the cusp of brilliance and I still wasn’t clear why he was interested in me. But he deserved an honest answer. “I think you guys need to work harder on getting that manager.”

His cheeks were flushed from the performance, his eyes crazed with adrenaline as they raked over my face and the swells of my breasts.

“You’re so goddamned beautiful.” His lips turned down at the corners, creating a humorless frown. “You don’t know how bad I want to kiss you right now,” he murmured and looped a strand of my hair around his finger.

The sounds of the bar vanished as I felt my body slant into him. His sweat and spicy cologne swirled around me, making me salivate. He licked his pouty lips and lowered his head, his eyelids heavy as his face came closer, closer, closer…until we jerked back at the same time when the chair next to me was kicked away from the table.

Johnny sat down with two beers. He gulped one and clanked the other down in front of James. James scowled and slid the glass over to me. “I said three.”

“I’m good.” I pushed it back, leaving a foamy trail on the table. Grave tension seeped into the air and swept away our enchanted spell.

“Teage,” James said loudly, “I’m sorry my friend is such an asshole. I’d tell you he’s just in a bad mood, but sadly, this is normal for him.”

Johnny glared at James before he jumped off the stool and walked away. James rolled his eyes and shook his head. “He’s been acting strange for a couple of weeks now. I’m not sure what that was all about.”

I smeared the wet streak with my index finger. “Maybe he’s jealous?” 

The silence at our table grew, made palpable by the raucous sounds around us. I forced myself to meet his gaze and make sure I hadn’t inadvertently inserted my foot into my mouth. But he just stared at me, his eyebrows knitted together with affectionate concern.

“You may be right. I don’t know. But no matter.” He flicked his hand, as if erasing the events with one gesture.

Stan, the stout drummer, and George, the baby-faced keyboardist, stumbled over with fists full of beers, trailing a line of buxom girls. A glassy-eyed brunette wiggled up to James but he brushed her off and scooted closer to me until our thighs touched. “Our break is almost over. I saw you came in a cab. Can I drive you home?”

I nodded, happy I would get some time alone with James and also disappointed that the magic of our near first kiss was gone.