It’s the day after Christmas. The boys are playing with their new PS2 and I just got done cleaning up from last night’s holiday dinner and thought I’d take a moment to have some down time. All I needed was a fireplace, my dog and Snow Patrol. When I put on my new SP Up To Now CD (thank you Santa Jeff!), lounging on the couch became impossible.

If you don’t ever listen to Snow Patrol, if you hate them and call them “Snooze Patrol”, well A) you need to lose the attitude, and B) you need to check out their version of Crazy In Love (by Beyonce).


As I hopped and danced around the living room, my neighbors drove by and gaped at me and the mailman just shook his head. But yours truly just hit replay and bounced around until the ornaments on the nine foot Christmas tree swayed and jostled with a life all their own.

Sometimes you just gotta fuckin’ dance like no one can see you.