Chocolate by Snow Patrol  (click to listen)

What have I become? Truth is, nothing yet” – Snow Patrol/Chocolate

Dear Fabulous Follower,

Sorry for not posting as much as I would have liked this summer. The kids are finally in school, but I’m officially an official Soccer Mom x 3 (2 kids, 3 teams, oy!). I don’t anticipate I’ll be posting much over the next few months either. If the weather holds out (Seattle? I know, right?) I plan on finishing up the landscaping in the backyard, and we should close on our new 1908 rental home…just in time for me to paint, tear out stinky carpets, monitor the electrician removing and replacing the old knob and tube wiring and then…hopefully…finding an awesome renter just in time for the holidays.

And don’t get me started on October!! I’ve signed up for two of the greatest writer’s conferences in the Pacific Northwest: Write on the Sound (WOTS) in Edmonds and the Emerald City Writers Conference (ECWC) in Bellevue. Poor Husband will be toting the kids to their games solo those weekends.

But right now? I’m wrapping up my short horror story for the next Writers Digest contest (due this Friday – ACK!) and then I’m going to return to my novel and re-write it all into 3rd person pursuant to wonderful advice I received from my fantastic editor.

So, for now, I leave you with my favorite Snow Patrol song “Chocolate” while I prepare for their next concert this October. Yes! Again! Twice in one year! How can I get so lucky? May Snow Patrol keep you company while this Irish girl runs around Seattle and (hopefully) writes her fingers off!

Love, Shannon