Children are running rampant all over my house. The dog and cat are under my feet. The contractors are hauling reverberating equipment across my backyard.

And of course, I got instrumental feedback from my editor on my book and I have to re-write all the first person point-of-views into third person POV. I don’t have a problem doing that. I can do that. Except…I can’t get more than five minutes of quiet before I have to yell at someone or make a sandwich or hold on to the china as my house rumbles from a falling tree.

In addition to the craziness at my home, I have to find ways to entertain the boys and of course every day is filled with some sort of activity (some are fun like soccer, and some…not so much…like the dentist. Oy.) and the weekends are jam-packed with plans (weddings, travel/vacation, house-hunting for potential investments, etc.). Throw in a couple of birthdays, anniversaries and girls-night and I start to long for the new school year.

But I am so motivated right now to get back to editing my book that I just CAN’T wait until September. I have to find a way to shut out the distractions. I write best in the morning but those hours seem to fly by. Maybe I should get up earlier? If I can squeeze in some quiet writing from 5-8, I should be okay…right? Maybe 4am? *cringe*

Hold on…the chainsaw is revving up out back and my 8-year-old just placed his head on my shoulder asking for a snack. When I ignore him, he assumes that means “yes” and proceeds to the pantry. Now he is passing out Pop Tarts to the 4-year-old who just got a cavity fixed yesterday. NO! POP! TARTS! He is pacified with a Go-Gurt (is that really any better?) and they exit the kitchen.

*sigh* I think I’ll do some laundry and watch last nights’ recording of Hardball with Chris Matthews – FYI, I’m also seriously missing my MSNBC now that the Olympics have taken over…not that I don’t love the Olympics, but this Irish girl is officially all outta whack.