If you like pina coladas, gettin’ caught in the rain, if you’re not in to vampires, if you [slurp-slur] shot half your brain, if you like makin’ love at midnight, in a cemetery…”

Yes. Sookie is drunk. And yes. Alcide just showed up.

Alcide: “You smell like mint and peaches.”

Sookie: “You smell like Aqua Velva.”

I loved that she had mussed up hair (epic actually, since her hair is always as perfect as her 2″ long fake eyelashes) and that she gets the tough werewolf to drink a foofy orange marzipan concoction. AND informs Alcide that he’s in love with her even though she killed his crazy ex. AND they smooch. AND…as they get busy, a couple of certain vampires peer in to her window and you just know they’re gonna crash her PAR-TAY.

Too bad, I was diggin’ watching Sookie and Alcide smooch.

Until next time…have a great week!