Too Close [click and enjoy]

Okay, Too Close is one of my new favorite songs…except when I’m riding in the car with my husband and I have a terrible sinus headache and I have to tell him to turn it the @$!#! down.

Anyway, when I was home and my head was back to normal, I researched Alex Clare and decided he is awesome.  Check out this song Up All Night… his drum skills are crazy-good, a nice perk in addition to his killer vocals.  When he hits the chorus, I tend to jump around and dance like a freak (curtains are always properly closed when I do this although the 4-year-old joins in from time to time…except it’s cute when he does it).

Check out the rest of his songs on his album The Lateness of the Hour Album

Needless to say this is great music to [write] too.  Especially when I’m in the middle of a fast-paced scene, or a sexy scene, or a jolly scene or a sad scene.

Happy Hump Day!