I don’t know about you, but I’m lovin’ the new Reverend Steve Newlin!  He’s a gay American Vampire with the hots for Jason’s tight butt and is now the “new” Nan Flannigan!  His dance moves and cheeky schmooze are 100% adorable…in a creepy sort of way.

Rev. Newlin: “…Elvis was spotted buying turkey jerky in a 7-11 in Yakima last Thursday but that doesn’t mean he’s still alive.  That just means people will believe anything they want to believe.  Humans are not rational.  They are 100% motivated by fear.  All they want is to feel safe, to know that they’re good and right and that they’re gonna end up in a Heaven full of puffy clouds with everybody that they’ve ever loved wearing angle wings.  So you tell me what you want them to believe and I’ll sell it to ’em.”

So that was fun.  But the best scene, in this Irish Girl’s opinion, was when Sookie walked in to Sam’s office at Merlotte’s to ask if he’d seen Tara and then reads his mind when she suspects him of lying:

Sam: (speaking in his mind) Look at her boobs, boobs, boobs, the way she smells, think about THAT, anything but the walk-in.  Shit!  Walk-in, walk-in, walk-in, walk-in.  Dammit!

Sookie: “Walk-in? Tara’s in the walk-in?”

Things that bothered me:  The flashback with Pam and Eric which included Eric meeting Bill (aka Crazy William) for the first time in a brothel.  For some reason, I wasn’t ready for the Bill and Lorena part of the flashback and I certainly wasn’t ready for the pathetic Pam forcing Erik to change her…  (Pam is NOT pathetic in the books) Also, finding out that Jason slept with his teacher in high school, had a fling with her when she moved back to town and then ditched her cat-lovin’ butt because he’s growing a conscience was weird.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m diggin’ the changes HBO’s writers have made to the books, they have taken the story to new levels.  As such, I’m going to keep an open mind and see where this season is headed.  Of note, I’m lovin’ this season so much better than the last one.

Until next week…