It’s official. My story needs to pick a genre.

Pursuant to my post from the other day [see knocking head against wall] my dreams of a fusion-fiction genre are not working out for me.

A really nice agent read my manuscript and gave me some great feedback (similar to advice I had received before…but I wasn’t yet convinced) suggesting I figure out if my story is a contemporary romance or a paranormal suspense with romantic elements.

*sigh* I got up at 5 this morning and tackled the fluff, trimmed the fat and pared down the non-essitials, yet I don’t feel right glossing over the budding-tension-fuelled romance between Rose and Patrick. But maybe that’s what I really need to do. Maybe I just need to grit my teeth and tackle the romance angle until it is basic and important, but not as prominent. After all, the real crux of the story is the battle for Rose and Patrick’s lives, as well as their love.

As Rose would say, “This calls for wine.  Lots of wine.”