I’ve dipped my toes in to the literary agent search and I’ve had some follow-ups from agents with really good feedback (one said “You have the talent and determination to make it…I really do believe you have a future as a writer“). But those who seem to specialize in strict romance may not find my book very lovey-dovey since it has some pretty brutal scenes (but then again…it is all about true love).

Which brings me to my most annoying question:  What genre is my story anyway?

It contains some graphic/bloody scenes (horror?), and I created other “species” (fantasy?), and there’s love and sex (romance?) all while my characters are traveling through unknown landscapes (adventure?) and having battles with ghosts (paranormal?).  Basically, it contains a little bit of every genre that I personally love.

But if I slapped my story into a faux Medieval world…it would be along the lines of Game of Thrones, right?  That story has horror /fantasy /romance /adventure /paranormal all rolled in to one, but it’s considered Fantasy.

So is my story Fantasy?  Probably not because it is contemporary.  Urban Fantasy?  Maybe.  But the glue for my story is love.  So is it Romance?  Again, maybe…but not traditional romance since there’s some serious love-triangle/quadrangle…angles.  See my problem?

But no matter what genre my story falls in to (I’m going with Paranormal Adventure…I think), it’s a fantastic and unique ride and I know I will find the perfect agent to get this show on the road.


[UPDATED 6/18/2012, I’ve come to the conclusion my book is probably most similar to Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels…but with a bit more action and different points of view to allow the reader to see what’s going on in other parts of the story.  After doing some research yesterday, her books cross between Fantasy/Paranormal, Romance and Thriller.  They also usually contain some freakily awesome grossness, some kinky sex, love, confused love, pain, some mystery and plain old humanity thrown in with all the supernatural creatures inhabiting Bon Temps.  Of note: I wrote Lives of Ghosts a year or so before I ever picked up one of Harris’ novels, but I’ve been a huge True Blood fan since day 1.]