I recently joined the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America and I’m sooooo excited!  From the emails I’ve received thus far, it sounds like a wonderful group of writers and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of them at the next Chapter meeting on June 2nd.

Here’s a sample of the awesomeness the Pacific Northwest is producing:

“Please join me in congratulation our members who have had quite the spring.

New Book Sales ~Amy Raby- Assassin’s Gambit– NAL/Penguin in a three book deal  ~Theresa Meyers- Four book deal to Entangled Publishing  ~Erin McCauley- Two book deal to Crimson Rose Publishing

Book Releases:  ~Anthea Lawson- FEYLAND the Bright Court  ~Sabrina York- Tristan’s Temptation- Ellora’s Cave

Awards:  ~Margaret Mallory- The Guardian– Finalist OKRWA Readers Choice  ~Margaret Mallory- The Guardian– Best Historical Colorado RWA Award of Excellence  ~Amy Raby- Flood and Fire – Finalist  Daphne du Maurier Award  ~Theresa Meyers- The Hunter– Finalist Booksellers Best Award  ~Susan Lyons- Heat Wave– Finalist Booksellers Best Award  ~Laurie London- Enchanted by Blood– Prism Finalist ”

What a wonderful opportunity for me to gain exposure to the craft of writing and publishing by mingling with successful authors.  I get so much out of my little writing critique group (“Hi Liv and Amanda!”) but we are all at the same point in our writing careers – which is actually fun because the three of us are kinda like kindergarteners holding hands at our first recess trying to figure out which group of cool first graders to go play with.

However, being prudent and a little OCD, I’m currently drafting my list of questions for my first GSRWA meeting.  But I promise I will try not to be the geeky new kid in the class popping my hand up every 30 seconds uttering “OOh!  OOh!  OOh!” like a horny silverback gorilla.  I’m a professional for goodness sakes.