Okay, I’m not drinking a gin and tonic in the bathtub or anything, but I’m going through a Tonic the rock band phase while I tackle a new round of writing.

Now that I’m really, truly and completely done with my polish of Lives of Ghosts and have sent it off in to the world for it to be read, rejected and hopefully accepted by some wonderful, smart, sassy agent, I needed to put my anxious energy in to another project.

I was toggling between going back to work on my short horror story (Little Survivorman) for another Writers Digest contest (deadline is not until September) or focusing on my Lives of Ghost’s sequel.  I wrote Death of Ghosts (Book II in The Ghost Series) in 4 weeks last July, although it was mostly just a very rough first draft.

The other day, I happily informed my writing buddies that I now actually really L-O-V-E my finished Lives of Ghosts.  Before, I would cringe when I would re-read and edit it, but it’s gotten to the point where I heart every word, every scene and every tortured, sexy, heroic, and insane moment in the story and find myself wanting to read it just for pleasure and not to hunt out boo-boos.  I would be super proud to share it with any agent…so much so, that I’m actually jazzed and ready to dive back in to the crazy world of ghosts and Rose and Patrick and all the other wonderful character’s I’ve created, shaped and molded over the last 2 years.

So, that has decided it.  Little Survivorman will just have to wait until I need a break or until I’m pressed up against the dreaded deadline.  Now, please excuse me while I turn on Tonic and Third Eye Blind and Vertical Horizon (no, I’m still not drinking this morning).  Click on the link below and enjoy:

Tonic, If You Could Only See