When you attend a rock concert, there’s always those other fans that scream and dance and holler and pump their fists in the air and sing every GD word of every GD song in their hoarse, raspy voices.

Um, yeah, that’s me.

But it’s not my fault! A.  I’m Irish.  B.  I grew up in the ’80’s and early ’90’s in Southern California, and attended the U2 Joshua Tree concert, the Depeche Mode Violator tour, saw The Cure, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Hole, Prince, REM, EMF, Queensryche, Jesus Jones, etc. Those were the days when NO ONE sat down. If you had a chair, you stood on it. You jumped, and cried and screamed and sang until hot, sticky sweat (and possibly some splashed beer) streamed down your face and stung your eyes. Then you took a deep breath, took a sip and continued.

However, ever since I moved to Seattle the concerts I’ve been to have mellow fans. Like, embarrassingly so. Why the hell are Pacific North Westerners afraid to stand up and wiggle their booty’s? Why do they remain seated and wait for the song to end to clap? Are they too snooty?  Too damp?  What?

A few weeks ago we saw Pink Martini with the Seattle Symphony, and I was wiggling and squirming in my seat whenever they played a fast rumba-esque song. I tapped my feet and clapped my hands as the fleece-clad snobs next to me looked down their noses.  What.  Ever.

But when we attended the kick-ass Snow Patrol concert last night, I did my normal thing and got nasty looks from the couple in front of me during the first bad-ass song. Whereby I smiled and excitedly informed the squinting woman I would be screaming all through the show. There was even a point where I think my husband kinda disowned me. But you know what? Gary Lightbody (SP lead singer/songwriter) craved our feedback and attention…yearned for it…demanded it. I think it’s embarrassing that the folks in the balcony remained seated until the end (some finally got on their feet). The main floor was pretty well rockin’ so I’m hoping the band ended the show feeling satisfied.

I’m really happy The Paramount removed the seats on the main floor, it was probably to squeeze out more money by getting extra room, but it forced people to stand and move and sway. And those crazy fans (me) got to jump and dance and hopefully inspire others to let their hair down too.  I just don’t understand those of you who stand and stare like zombies.

Back to the Irish thing…from Gaelic Storm to the small bands playing in Seattle’s awesome Irish pubs and yearly Folklife concerts, Irish music makes everyone jovial.  It’s true!  The Irish know how to get the blood a’pumping and the soul a’searching.  I dare Seattlites to stand still during Gaelic Storm’s Don’t Go For ‘The One’.

Click to hear:  Gaelic Storm – Don’t Go For The One

And don’t forget to check out the video above of Snow Patrol’s Irish fans from 2009. This is what Seattleites need to aspire to.  God Bless the Irish.