My maternal grandfather, Ed Leyden, graduated from the University of Wisconsin after his tour in WW2 and earned a degree in journalism.  He met my grandma Fay there and since the day I was born I was destined to wear Bucky Badger apparel.  Speaking of my birth, he wrote an impromptu poem and sent it with my grandma when she visited me, her first grandchild, in Florida.  I know it by heart:  “Dear Shannon, May all your hours, like festival flowers, be twined with ribbons of love.”  Her house was decorated with his framed poems after he passed away, but he never wrote professionally.  He worked for a trucking company in L.A. to support his wife and four children.

My aunt Ann Nickerson, on my father’s side, wrote a wonderful article about her passion for gardening.  In it I learned that plants grow 50% bigger here in the Pacific Northwest!

I recently found some stories I wrote in the 6th grade.  Here’s a short one:  “One day I found a pair of shoes, and they said ‘wear me and I’ll take you any wher you want to.’  All right.  I want to go in the sky and fly.  Ok.  And off I wint up in the sky and flew high.”  Yeah, laugh, it’s okay.

So it’s confirmed.  Writing is in my blood.  And like a lot of people, I have re-discovered my passion for it after all these years.  I see my grandparents photo on the wall every day and feel blessed and inspired as I type down the stories swimming around in my head.