Actually, writing down the story is the easy part.  Going back and fixing it is probably the hardest work I’ve ever done.  Transforming boring words in to exciting scenes and dazzling dialogue is, to say the least, highly challenging.

I’m nearing the end of editing Lives of Ghosts and with each new, shorter chapter begins a new round of agony.  Reading the virgin words sends my stomach spiraling.  Re-capturing the sensation of the scene and recreating a more coherent visual is a constant struggle.  Imagine having a multiple personality disorder and you have to step in to each personality every hour.  Think the way they think, feel what they feel, see the world through their eyes, their perspective.  It’s freaking hard.

All I can say is, had I not had the experience of working with an editor at Still Moments Publishing, nor great feedback from my writing buddies as well as just trying to study the craft, I would be in a world of hurt.

Clearly, I am currently stalling…procrastinating…taking a break…from re-writing chapter 135 (don’t freak out, many of the chapters are short – hence my problem).  Think I’m gonna hit the treadmill for an hour and tackle #135 at lunch.