Out of the three responses (thank you Amanda, Kelli and Carol), #1 and #5 from the list were tied.  However, the site posted the rules today and instead of a one line pitch, it was a three-line pitch, so I had to re-do everything.

Here’s what I pitched for Lives of Ghosts:

“Rose liked her quiet life as an environmental scientist and wasn’t ready for the blue-eyed Patrick, a cocky trial attorney, to turn her world upside down with passion just before their doomed business trip. 

Surveying the Alaska pipeline, Rose survives a plane crash only to awaken in a log cabin with no memory, alone with an ethereally handsome man with odd talents, and innocently succumbs to her sensually secluded life.

As her memory slowly returns, Rose discovers the horrors of the supernatural world she fell in to and fights to escape the obsessed ghost to find her true love, the blue-eyed man, before she turns in to the one thing she once loved but now despises…a doppelganger. “

I have no idea how this will go.  I’m fighting a cold and have been doing taxes for 2 days and not really at my cranial best at the moment.  But please keep your fingers crossed for me – there doesn’t seem to be nearly as many entries as the last pitch event so my odds are better.  🙂