Origin of German Doppelgänger: doppel (double) + -gänger (goer) = double walker.

Happy President’s Day!  I need your help with chosing a storyline for an upcoming Pitch Event (http://www.savvyauthors.com/vb/pitchlist.php).  I did this in December and it was great experience, but my pitch for Lives of Ghosts wasn’t captivating enough.  So I’ve included 5 new pitches below and I’d love to get your feedback on any that sound intriguing enough that an editor would want to see more. 

Now if none of these works for you, I will also welcome any suggestions.  Typically there is a 25 word limit but it looks like that rule is taken with a grain of salt.  I have two chapters posted on my blog from Lives of Ghosts if you want to review them for any insight in to the novel.

**If the editor chooses my pitch, I’ll randomly draw a name from those who helped and they will win a free copy of Snowbound Hearts!**

Here are my five newest pitches:

1)      Surviving a plane crash and losing her memory was bad enough. But falling for an obsessive doppelganger and battling the Alaskan wilderness to escape him was not on Rose’s bucket list.

2)      Can Rose and Patrick find each other after plane crashes, serial killers and the frozen Alaskan wilderness? Add a handsome, ghostly doppelganger obsessed with Rose to the list of ill-fated events for some real fun!

3)      Doppelgangers, serial killers and plane crashes, Oh My! Patrick battles the Alaskan wilderness and the supernatural searching for Rose. But does Rose want to be found?

4)      Surviving a plane crash, lost memory and obsessed ghost, can Rose battle against turning in to the one thing she despises, a doppelganger?

5)      After surviving a plane crash, amnesia and a reclusive ghost, is Rose’s transformation in to a demi-doppelganger the only way she can protect herself and the ones she loves?

Thanking you all in advance for your help.  The deadline is this Friday, 2/24, and I’ll post the Pitch that I enter that day.