“Sweet as the robin’s song, Secrets deep as the sea, I found you among the ruins, The missing element of me, Emerald eyes, soft and strong, Sparkle in the light, Fading in the dusk, A vision of winter twilight.”  ~Winter Twilight by Shannon O’Brien

“Throwing a blanket around my shoulders, I stepped onto my small balcony.  The view of Elliot Bay’s dark blue water was littered with busy ferries, tankers, and other boats.  The sun dipped behind the Olympic Mountains, casting a deep purple and pink hue to the evening sky.  The fact the sky was clear of any clouds would be a welcome respite to such a gray and rainy city, but it also meant the temperature dropped faster than the setting sun.  The streets below were still busy with cars and people, Christmas lights highlighted every building, and evergreen garlands with red bows curled up the street lamps. 

My breath caught in my throat as I absorbed my new home and new situation.  A knot welled in my chest and I waited to see if it would erupt into a sob of despair or a cry of joy.  To be elated and deflated all at once was possible.  I stood there as living proof.” ~Winter Twilight by Shannon O’Brien

The original title of my story was Standing in Line, but after taking a step back and realizing that Teagan’s new journey through life was more than just standing in a line (the opening scene of the book), I felt Winter Twilight better described her tale pursuant to the two above quotes from my book.

I’ve never made it a secret that I love Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series.  But I just wanted to clarify that the title of my short story came from a poem I wrote for Standing in Line, and it is a complete coincidence that it contains the word “Twilight”.  So if you think you’re going to read a story about a love-sick teen and various supernatural beings when you pick up Winter Twilight, you may be disappointed.  At least for a moment.  Because when you continue reading, you’ll find yourself sucked in to Teagan’s human world with all her pain and happiness that comes from making difficult decisions and taking chances.