Very nice review for Winter Twilight

“Winter Twilight by Shannon O’Brien
This well written selection by Ms. O’Brien was positively delightful.  Teagan was a very quiet, focused woman trying to start her life over in a new place with a new job and a new home she loved.  Her only fear, to let herself open up, and the men in her path prove to be challenges she may be unable to avoid, good and bad.  With a little bit of conflict and the help of a new love, can she successfully put her past in the past where it belongs and look forward to her future?  This story told a great story, one of which I would read again and again.  I highly recommend.

Snowbound Hearts is another anthology by Still Moments Publishing, truly a pleasure to read and recommend to anyone. ~ Krista Ames, Author”

Ms. Ames  had wonderful reviews for all four authors.  Take a peek…