My short story, Winter Twilight, one of four short stories in the Snowbound Hearts anthology, was released today [insert squeals of joy here] by Still Moments Publishing! It can be purchased for only $3.99 at:

Winter Twilight: “Can a secret, up and coming rock musician reawaken a young woman’s passion while she fumbles her way through a strange city and new life?”  This is a contemporary romance with mild to moderate adult content, probably would get a PG-13 rating.

I’d love any/all feedback on my story.  You can also rate it on

Please enjoy the stories and feel free to share this with your friends if you’d like.  As a new, unknown author, I won’t mind.

~Shannon O’Brien

P.S.  A big shout out to Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, The Raindeer Section, U2 and Sunny Day Real Estate for inspiration for the band Mofo Mojo and for it’s drop-dead gorgeous lead singer, James.