…I just got my first official, professional, and very friendly Editor review with suggested corrections and feedback on my short story, Winter Twilight!  Why am I so excited?


Because this is the first time a professional has a) read my work, b) liked my work, and c) given me honest feedback on how to improve my work.

Why am I not upset?  Because my ego is pretty tiny.  And it should be.  Who am I, really?  I’m a beginner who is tackling a dream.  And I can only get as far as I can on my own and I welcome the expertise of professionals who can and are willing to help me become a better writer.  I have lots of stories and I want to share them…but I don’t want them to suck.

Now, I’m off to review my errors, correct what needs to be corrected and learn from my mistakes.  I’m on a deadline.  Winter Twilight will be published next month!